Our Luxury State of the Art Beds

The Prestiage Lightvision  – The Ultimate Luxury unforgettable Tanning Experience

NFC Connect

Our customers can store all there comfort settings on a customer card, Your settings are immediately adjusted to your personal preference when you visit, you will also get a personal welcome – what a lovely touch


Intelligent Performance

Around the world, Ergoline is leading the way with pioneering UV technologies. Its Optimized Performance concept with Ultra Performance Plus facial tanners has set a new bench mark among sunbeds that conform to the new standards, this is totally new.  Intelligent Performance positions the lamps in the tanning tunnel and adjusts the UV output for an even and upto a 30% deeper tan all round.

  • Spaghetti lamps – facial lamps for the perfect tan
  • Radiance LED beauty complete
  • Hybrid Technology
  • Hybrid shoulder Tanner
  • 3D cinematic sound via Bluetooth
  • Exterior and Interior Touch Control
  • Surround cooling system
  • Multi-relax Acrylic


The all new Ergoline Sunrise 7200 with its tremendous tanning power elevates tanning to the next level! The stunning LED illumination delivers impact from the very first glance. The brightly illuminated interior invites your customers to an unprecedented vertical tanning experience. 3D Sound with Bluetooth® turns the Sunrise into a dancefloor and the brand new Surround Cooling Plus guarantees a refreshing breeze from head to toe. All with the touch of a button on the easy-to-use Smart Control glass panel

  • 48 x 200w (Turbo Smart Performance)
  • Lamp length: 2 meters

CONTRAINDICATIONS:  Follow Instructions. Avoid over-exposure as with natural sunlight. Over-exposure can cause eye or skin injury and allergic reactions. Repeated exposure may cause premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR! Failure to do so may result in severe burns or long term injury to the eyes. Certain medications or cosmetics may increase your sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. Consult a physician before using sunlamps if you are using medication, have a history of skin problems or believe yourself to be especially sensitive to sunlight. If you do not tan in the sun, you are unlikely to tan from the use of this product. Please refer to the recommended exposure schedule for your skin type and do not tan more than once in a 24-hour period. Attention: This sunlamp product should not be used on persons under the age of 18 years. Persons who should not use this device include anyone who is sunburned, has open wounds, is naturally pale, has discolored patches of skin, has an increased risk of skin cancer, is being treated for or taking medicine causing photosensitivity, is pregnant, has atypical moles or more than 16 moles on their body (2mm diameter or larger).


Blue Vision

The Benefits of tanning

  • The light in the sunbed will strengthen the immune system as will provide you with vitamin D like real sun would.
  • The light will give energy and strength and will increase the happiness hormone production known as endorphin!
  • The sunbed lights are designed to protect from harmful light which is believed to be better when tanning in real sun.
  • You will get skincare together with tanning with Prestige Lightvision

What skin type are you?


Flamingo Bay Professional Tanning Studio recommends customers use our handy skin type configurator below to assess your own skin type. A description of your skin type will be determined at the bottom of this page. Knowing your skin type will help determine your exposure times to prevent over exposure.

However, this is only a guide. A salon assistant will recommend an appropriate session based not only on your skin type but also by the strength of the sunbed that you wish to use.



Please read the chart below to identify your Skin Type 



Skin Sensitivity Skin Type Sun Sensitivity Pigmentation Response
Very Sensitive I Always Burns Easily Little to No Tan
Sensitive II Always Burns Minimal Tan
Normal III Sensitive, Burns Moderately Tans Gradually
Very Resistant IV Moderately Sensitive, Minimal Burn Tans Easily